Passport size photo printing services

Tips for taking and uploading passport photos

  • 1. Ask a friend or your family person for help It’s much easier to take an acceptable photo with someone else’s help. No selfies allowed. Use a tripod if you are alone.
  • 2. Find a well-lit space with a plain light coloured background – for example, pale greys and blues work better than white.
  • 3. Avoid standing directly under a light source. It can create glare and shadows.
  • 4. Your light source will be most effective behind and above your photographer.
  • 5. Set up – Where to stand 0.5m to 1.5m.
  • 6. Stand 0.5 metres in front of your background, to help reduce shadows.
  • 7. The photographer or tripod should stand 1.5 metres away from you, to help keep your facial features in focus.
  • 8. Both eyes must be open.
  • 9. Your expression can be either neutral or with a natural smile.
  • 10. The photo must be a full-face view (side angles are not accepted).
  • 11. Clothing should be your with dark coloured.
  • 12. Hair should not be covering your face.
  • 13. No hats or head coverings should be worn. Exceptions include religious and medical reasons.
  • 14. The photographer or tripod should hold the camera at your eye level, to help you avoid tilting your head up or down.
  • 15. Open the smartphone or camera and take the photo. It may take a couple attempts to get a clear photo with neutral expression, no blur and no shadows behind you.
  • 16. Open the Gallery application on your phone and select your best photo.
  • 17. It’s easier to complete your order on a computer or laptop.
  • 18. We suggest that you send your photo to yourself and save it on a computer or laptop.
  • 19. Press the share button on your smartphone if you send it via Bluetooth to send your photo to your computer or laptop.

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