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Холст в раму

Photo posters are one of the major interior design trends, and they come in a variety of styles and themes from modern, abstract shapes to retro, antique maps. If you found an inspiring image or a quote you don’t need to search the Internet for a suitable poster. You can just print it. Pick paper type and size in an online calculator, and go to an editor to create your dream poster design!

Pick one of the canvas sizes in our calculator, upload your image in an editor, and you are good to go! Frames are available in three colors: black, dark-chestnut, and oak. Frame width is usually discussed in person because it is influenced by many factors: from the contents of the canvas to its surroundings.

How we work


All prices on the website already include VAT (5 %). Receipt of payment would be in your user account of the payment system that was used to pay for your order.


We deliver by courier and Option of In-store collection. Delivery time depends on a shipping company.

Production time

Your order would be completed quickly if uploaded design follows all the requirements. You can pick your order up in the pickup location selected after it was finished. Delivery time depends on a shipping company.

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